About codeCampus

We started codeCampus in December, 2014 with a single goal: to make quality coding education accessible to as many children in our hometown of Orange County, California as possible.

Our vision was to setup what was effectively the Kumon of coding - a center where kids could come, learn to code for a few hours a week, and then go home. Numerous trips to IKEA, several late nights and a handful of sore knees later, we had a classroom: a bright, colorful, and tiny space replete with desks, bright yellow chairs, and shiny new computers.

A few weeks later, we had our very first class. A group of about four local kids nervously entered and sat before the pristine laptops we had purchased for the occaison. And we, just as nervously, set about to do something we had never done before: teach real coding concepts to real 3rd graders.

Fast forward about 6 months, and we found ourselves in dozens of local schools, leading after school classes for hundreds of kids a day. And each day gave us some new insight - some incremental improvement of our curricula, some new understanding of how best to explain a logic concept to one of our 2nd graders. Our students were learning how to do truly incredible things - building projects so creative, and honest, and impressive that they took our breath away. And we were learning something big, too.

With each passing class, we were realizing that for as much fun as we were having, and as many kids as we were reaching, we were failing to accomplish what we had set out to do: to make coding education truly accessible to children of all stripes and of all walks of life. We could count the number of girls, students of color, and disadvantaged students on one hand across our classes.

After school classes are great, and are necessary. But the only way to make sure each student could receive equal access to quality coding education was to make it part of the school day. And the only way to do that was to give our skills and our experience as coding instructors to school teachers.

Several meetings with principals and teachers, and several feverish, coffee-fueled brainstorm sessions later, we began to build the framework of what would become codecampus.com.

We are proud to be working with schools, teachers, and students across the country through this platform. And we hope that we can be of service to your school, your classroom, and your students.

Coding is a true, real-life human superpower. And every child deserves the chance to bring their imagination to life.

Thank you for your support. Now let's do something incredible together.