Local Teacher Coaching

In-classroom instruction in the Greater Los Angeles area

Did you know?

  • Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages

  • 71% of all new jobs in STEM require coding skills, but only 8% of STEM graduates major in coding

  • Girls who learn to code in grade school are 10x more likely to major in it in college. Black and Hispanic students are 7x more likely to major in coding.

Why teach coding during the school day?

  • Helps students apply grade-specific mathematics to real-world problems and develop strong logical thinking skills

  • Prepares U.S. students to compete for technology jobs

  • Equalizes access for all students – not just a lucky few

  • Excites community and can lead to increased enrollment

In-School Coaches

Teachers learn better with an in-person coach. By providing a trained and certified coding coach to partner schools, codeCampus is able to provide weekly coding education to every child in every classroom while turning teachers into confident users of codeCampus.

Our Curriculum

  • Built with math-first approach
  • Deeply aligned to Common Core math and ELA standards / major clusters
  • Designed to teach students to build their own math games - not just play them

How it works:

What our partners have to say 😃

“The lesson content is exciting. The classroom teachers and I had good conversations about the connection between the coding lessons and the math content for their grade levels. Coordinate graphing, percentages, ratios and problem solving. The students were completely engaged in every class I visited. All of the teacher feedback was positive.  

I’m thrilled Adams is able to take part in coding this year."

- Principal Gabriel Del Real, Adams Elementary School

“My staff and the community are VERY happy with the program and the instructor! (We love him). Oh yeah, and the kids love it too.

Still pinching myself!”

- Principal Suzanne Heck, Del Obispo Elementary School

“We loved the instructor, because he was very understanding of the scaffolding our little TKers need, and did an awesome job of taking the time beforehand to explain to the kiddos what we would be doing and why. We can't wait to have him in our classroom again. Thank you again!”

- Mrs. Kim, TK Teacher, Cypress Village Elementary

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