Build, laugh, learn - together.

An online course for parents and kids ages 7+ to learn to code together.

Learn together

Unleash your child's potential by learning alongside them. In this amazing course, you'll master the fundamentals of coding through hilarious stories and step-by-step tutorials.

Programming through play

Use code to build incredible programs together, from arcade games to beautiful works of digital art.

Printable games and activities

Bring coding to your kitchen table with fun, printable games and activities that reinforce core coding concepts.

Build beautiful things - together.

Families love codeCampus

"This is so freaking cool. My kids and I bust up laughing everytime we sit down to work through a project. It's like a huge pile of LEGOs for the 21st century."

- Dan H, parent

"Wait, can we do this everyday?"

- Tanya M, 4th grader

"codeCampus is everything I could've asked for. It's transformed device time into family time in the best possible way. And the fact that I'm learning how to code, too? Incredible."

- Hilary K, parent

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