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Why teach coding during the school day?

Coding is one of the most important skills for our students to be learning. From the UK to Finland, students around the world are starting to learn the basics of computer science during the regular school day.

As the world becomes more and more dependent on software and technology, our children need to be equipped with the skills to compete and thrive in that world.

Okay, but I don't have time to teach another subject!

Teaching kids how to code during the school day not only prepares them for amazing careers when they're older - it's also an extremely powerful way to deepen students' engagement with mathematics and ELA. You can use coding to reinforce specific math concepts, test your students' reading comprehension, and even tell interactive stories of their own.

As a result, every minute your students spend coding is time spent practicing their core academics.

Isn't Code.org good enough for our students?

While Code.org is an amazing resource, it only serves as the most basic introduction to computer science principles, and doesn't offer you or your students a way to build real coding projects of your own.

Furthermore, given the simplicity of the activities on Code.org, it won't hold your students attention for very long. By having your students work on real coding projects, you can keep them engaged and challenged for the entire school year.

How old do my students need to be to start learning?

Thanks to the incredible resources available to us today, students as young as kindergarteners can learn foundational computer science concepts. While they won't necessarily be coding outright, they'll still be building a strong foundation in the fundamentals.

Isn't learning how to code difficult? Do I need to have a lot of technical experience?

Not at all. Many of our teachers express some concern about their ability to learn how to code before starting our course. And after their first 90 minutes of training, nearly 100% of them report feeling confident about their ability to teach code back to their students.

That's because you'll be learning how to use the fundamentals in a way that makes sense for you as a teacher. So while you'll probably need some extra training and practice before you can apply for a job at Google, you'll definitely be able to create simple, purposeful, and amazing apps for your students.

How long will the training take to complete?

The course typically takes 4-6 hours to complete. We generally suggest spreading the training over the course of three to five days (about an hour to an hour and a half per day).

How can I get coding lesson plans to use in my classroom?

Naturally, you'll want to be able to bring the skills you're gaining from this course back to your classroom. That's why we've created standards-aligned K-6 lesson plans that you can use to start leading coding sections for your students. You'll be able to access two FREE weeks worth of coding lesson plans for your grade level.

Want to fully immerse your school or school district and get full access to the codeCampus teaching platform? Send us a line at support@codecampus.com.

Can I complete this course on my iPad?

No - you will need to have access to a desktop or laptop computer to complete all of the activities that are part of this course!

Will I be certified to teach CS by completing this course?

Yes! When you successfully complete the entire course, you'll be able to download a diploma with your name on it that certifies your ability to teach fundamental CS in your classroom.

Can this course count towards my professional development hours?

It absolutely can, but that's something you'll need to discuss with your principal.

Are the lesson plans standards-aligned?

Yes. Each lesson plan module is marked with the specific Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards that it incorporates. Most lessons involve ample tie-ins to both Mathematics and ELA-oriented material, and give teachers the flexibility to adapt the projects and activities around what they're teaching in class.

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