Computer Science Immersion Programs for K-8 Schools

Boost enrollment and engagement, attract well-deserved press to your community, and earn the coveted title of a πŸŽ‰ Computer Science Immersion School. πŸŽ‰

Coding time = math time

codeCampus students don't just play math games. They build them. Try one of our 5th grade projects for yourself! Press the green flag, then type in the answers to the equations as fast as possible to get your car to the other side of the screen.

Disclaimer: it's super hard.

How it works

1. A codeCampus instructor is assigned to your school as a Resident Coding Expert for the year. They'll lead all of the coding instruction in all of your classrooms, or co-teach with your teachers.

2. The instructor pushes into each classroom for 40 minutes per week, teaching students exciting coding concepts and projects.

3. Students develop meaningful computer science skills while practicing grade-level math. By the end of the year, they have a portfolio of unbelievable coding projects to showcase to their community.

What our partners have to say πŸ˜ƒ

β€œThe lesson content is exciting. The classroom teachers and I had good conversations about the connection between the coding lessons and the math content for their grade levels. Coordinate graphing, percentages, ratios and problem solving. The students were completely engaged in every class I visited. All of the teacher feedback was positive.

- Principal Gabriel Del Real, Adams Elementary School

β€œWe loved the instructor, because he was very understanding of the scaffolding our little TKers need, and did an awesome job of taking the time beforehand to explain to the kiddos what we would be doing and why. We can't wait to have him in our classroom again. Thank you again!”

- Mrs. Kim, TK Teacher, Cypress Village Elementary

β€œcodeCampus has made coding accessible, affordable and easy to implement in our K-6 classrooms. Students are engaged and eager to code during the school day! Our students love to create, collaborate and use their communication and critical thinking skills to code! We love that students are not just consuming technology, they are actually producing games and animations thanks to codeCampus.”

- Gina Whitcomb, Technology TOSA, AESD

Meet your new Coding Instructor

Teacher buy-in can be hard. Take the stress off of your staff by inviting our friendly, classroom-trained instructors to handle all of the coding education at your school. Our instructors are trained, certified, and come from education backgrounds, so they know how to make your students and teachers happy!

Interested? You're in really good company.

codeCampus is partnered with thousands of schools worldwide and hundreds in SoCal. Learn why our partners have trusted us with their classrooms since 2014.