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Code together.

Practice Common Core math together as a class through engaging coding projects. Code your first 4 projects for free.

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Bring K-6th math to life through code.

These amazing projects here? Yeah - your class will build these. And you can show them how, with no training necessary.

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Anaheim Elementary School District learns to code

Learn together

With codeCampus, you can lead meaningful coding sections in your classroom right away - with no training necessary. You and your students are on a level playing field, learning together.

Standards-aligned curriculum

Our curriculum is built around the Common Core math clusters for each grade level. Every minute spent coding is time spent practicing grade-specific math concepts.

Hours (and hours) of lessons

Start using standards-aligned coding lesson plans in your K-6 classroom. From printed coding worksheets, to robust and magical coding tutorials, you'll have enough curriculum to last your students the whole year.

"If I could do it, anybody can do it."

- Dorothy L., 2nd grade teacher

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