Become a Computer Science Immersion School District.

Use our expertise in coaching, curriculum, and co-teaching to convert sites in your district into career-focused immersion programs.

Easy. Effective. Affordable.

codeCampus helps school districts across the country launch computer science immersion programs. These programs effectively convert any campus into a functioning Computer Science Magnet school, galvanizing enrollment and skyrocketing student engagement.

How it works

Step 1: Identify who needs to be trained
Train every teacher in your district? Turn your Tech TOSAs into coding ambassadors? Hire classified staff to take care of all the instruction?

We can help you identify which method works best for your district. In any case, now that you know who needs to be trained...

Step 2: Turn your staff into confident coders
Through co-teaching with gradual release, a battle-tested professional development course, and 24/7 teacher support, we'll turn your teachers into STEM champions.

Step 3: Start teaching computer science
codeCampus has spent years developing, testing, and implementing a computer science curriculum that works for teachers. Our curriculum doesn't just help students develop mastery of coding skills and concepts. It also reinforces key grade-level mathematics.

The result? Every minute students spend coding is a minute spent applying core academics.

What our partners have to say πŸ˜ƒ

β€œThe lesson content is exciting. The classroom teachers and I had good conversations about the connection between the coding lessons and the math content for their grade levels. Coordinate graphing, percentages, ratios and problem solving. The students were completely engaged in every class I visited. All of the teacher feedback was positive.

- Principal Gabriel Del Real, Adams Elementary School

β€œMy staff and the community are VERY happy with the program! Oh yeah, and the kids love it too. Still pinching myself.”

- Mrs. Heck, Principal, Del Obispo Elementary

β€œcodeCampus has made coding accessible, affordable and easy to implement in our K-6 classrooms. Students are engaged and eager to code during the school day! Our students love to create, collaborate and use their communication and critical thinking skills to code! We love that students are not just consuming technology, they are actually producing games and animations thanks to codeCampus.”

- Gina Whitcomb, Technology TOSA, AESD

Interested? You're in really good company.

codeCampus is partnered with thousands of schools worldwide and hundreds in SoCal. Learn why our partners have trusted us with their classrooms since 2014.